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Use this troubleshooter step for technical support on the streaming video player.

This section is in part or in whole applicable to stream quality issues, stuttering, freezing, buffering and general inability to stream. If your issue is not related to the video player in the members site, please click the  << Back  button and select a different category.

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Video player issues are due to the following most common reasons:

  • Close all unneeded tabs, browser windows and programs.
    Other applications may be interfering and robbing your computer of the power needed to process HD video. Multiple open tabs/windows can also slow down your browser and video player... even on high-end systems.

  • Stop all background downloads.
    Windows update, downloads in browsers, file sharing and other programs that rely on data could be choking off your connection that is needed for streaming video.

  • Security software and plugins interfering with the video player
    Please disable all adblockers, downloader plugins and security addons. Your virus/spyware scanner may also be interfering, please disable. Your firewall may also be interfering since the video streams from a completely different server. Please verify it is either not blocking the video player connection or just temporarily disable it.

  • Web cache is corrupt, full or needing cleared.
    Please clear your web browser cache (refer to browser developer for support/instructions).
    CCleaner (opens in new window) does a good job of this, too.

  • Browser may be out of date and not supported.
    Please ensure your browser is up to date.

    Supported web browsers:
    Internet Explorer: Version 7 or later on Vista or later.
    Firefox: Version 2.0 or later.
    Safari: Not supported in XP.
    Google Chrome: 6.0 or later.
    Blackberry OS: 7.2 or later.
    Windows Mobile: Version 6.5 or later.
    Android default browser: Honeycomb (3.x) or later for tablets, and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.x) or later for phones.
    Nokia browser and Opera Mobile for Symbian: Not supported.

  • Flash player is either not installed correctly or it's cache is corrupt (applicable if using Flash player).
    Right click the video player window, if it has flash options, go into global settings and clear the cache or try CCleaner (opens in new window) to do it for you. Please refer to the developers for support on flash player or CCleaner if you have any issues or questions in regards to them. Reinstalling flash may also correct the issue. Make sure it is up to date. Some users may not be using the fallback flash player as Chrome users sometimes use either html5 or use the Chrome's built in flash-player. You can download Flash player at any time at this link.

  • Your connection is not sufficient for streaming and/or streaming at higher resolutions.
    Our sysop admin has configured the video streamer to automatically choose the best stream quality that your environment supports for real-time streaming. It factors in speeds, response time, packet loss and how many hops it takes to reach you. You can always directly choose the video stream quality but be aware that if you chose one that is above what your infrastructure can reasonably handle to provide a real-time stream, it will need to buffer. Some ISP's also throttle video streaming bandwidth. We are unable to control this. Also, believe it or not, some WIFI connections are giving you slower throughput than you think. Advertised WIFI throughput seems plenty, but its really not as fast and responsive enough for streaming full HD at the quality levels we provide as most would expect, especially if you are sharing the connection or have other things going on in your network.

  • Your computer may be the limiting factor.
    All computers, cellular phones and tablets degrade over time and periodically need a factory-reset. Your devices also collect a lot of cache (temp files) that need cleaning. We cannot provide support on this subject specifically but it is strongly advised that you keep your devices in good clean running order to get the most out of browsing and consuming media on the internet.

    Lets be honest, technology has came a long way but many cellular data users are still using outdated technology, outdated provider technology or in an area that cant get a constant throughput capable of real-time streaming. We strongly suggest you use either WiFi, or a direct connection if possible. Remember that WIFI is not always the best for real-time streaming either.

All the above being said, we do have many members using cellular data or using older computers with no issues whatsoever, so it is strongly advised that you follow the above recommendations to keep your environment working at it's best.

 Remember, you can change your stream bitrate in the video player.
Choosing lower quality will generally alleviate stuttering and buffering.

You may contact support directly by clicking "Submit a request' at bottom of this article if you believe this is in error or need further assistance.

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