I cannot log into my account.

Use this troubleshooter step for login related issues.

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There are many reasons why you may be unable to log into your account but the most common are:

  • Incorrect username and/or password.
    Please refer to your welcome email.

    You may also reset your password at any time by contacting our support team by clicking "Submit a request' at the bottom of this article.

  • Ensure all other browser windows and tabs are closed.
    As browsers get over-run with multiple instances, they can sometimes become buggy.

  • Browser plugins may be interfering.
    Please ensure all password-savers, ad-blockers, downloaders and security plugins are disabled then try again.

  • Your subscription may have expired.
    If you chose a yearly subscription purchase, the subscription does not auto-renew. You must purchase a new subscription yearly if this is the case. Same for some specific 90-day subscription options and for some 20-day subscription options. Please visit your biller to understand your billing cycle(s).

  • Expired/incorrect payment info.
    Your credit card, paypal, wire, e-check, cellular billing etc info may no longer be valid. Please visit your biller to confirm the state of your payment information.

  • False-flagged.
    Some financial institutions have automated security checks in place that may have false-flagged your subscription renewal and/or initial purchase. Please visit your biller to confirm the state of your payment information.

  • Compromised account.
    It may be possible that your login has been compromised.


To learn about the state of your account or to make any adjustments, please visit one of the following links to your biller:

(Remember: your welcome email will have contained which biller you signed up through)
(links open in new window)


If you are still cannot log in or believe this issue is in error, please contact our support team by clicking "Submit a request' at bottom of this article.


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